Our appetizers can be enjoyed as a starter, before a fish or sea food main dish,
or as a meal in themselves…..

We offer:

  • Fish roe salad (paste of salted fish roe, prepared into a soft mousse)
  • Pureed fava beans (blended fava served with onions, oregano and olive oil)
  • Tzatsiki (yoghurt mixed with cucumber and garlic)
  • Black eye beans (boiled beans served with onions, parsley, lemon and olive oil)
  • Garlic sauce (Boiled potatoes mixed with fresh garlic)
  • Peppers stuffed with feta cheese (Long green peppers stuffed with feta and fried in olive oil)
  • Grilled feta cheese (feta grilled with tomato, green pepper and hot red pepper)
  • Fried cheese (Hard cheese fried in olive oil)
  • Olives (selection of different types from our own produce)

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