Northwest of Gerakas is the agricultural town of Molai which also boasts a medieval fortress, an old Christian church and mosaics dating from the 6th century, while in nearby Elia is one of the best sand beaches in the district.

Travelling south from Monemvassia, we come to the seaside resort of Neapolis where the visitor will find ancient ruins, a medieval fort, the Monastery of Agia Irini, and beaches. Across from Neapolis, is the island of Elafonisos with its sand dunes and cedars.

Driving up and away from Neapolis, in the village of Saint Andrew (Agios Andreas) the visitor can see a natural miracle, the Cave of Kastania. Here you can admire the nooks, the ceilings and the parlours, the triumphant forms, the fantastic shapes, the miniature mountains and valleys. The silent order of nature took millions of years to create this unique underground paradise.